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Mar. 19th, 2019 09:44 am
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This is an adaptation of a short story by Neil Gaiman illustrated by Katy Riddell.

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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like. Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat among yourselves.

Following last weeks tragedy in New Zealand, where 50 Muslims at prayer were shot dead by a white terrorist. Prime Minster Jacinda Ardern has already committed to change the countries gun laws with broad agreement from the other parties to do so (Beats the hell out of "Thoughts and prayers" as an approach).

She has also made the unusual, but highly commendable request that the name of the killer not be mentioned by the media or politicians, and to remember those innocents who who died rather than the terrorist who killed them.

Denying someone who sought notoriety their name is a powerful move and we would request that it be followed here, if this topic comes up in discussion below. Let us instead remember the names of Daoud Nabi, the 71 year greeter at the Mosque, or Naeem Rashid, who chose to tackle the gunman, and the others.

The more recent shooting in the Netherlands is also being investigated as a terrorist act, but very little is known about it yet.

New research shows that your brain doesn't settle down into an "adult" pattern until you're probably in your 30's, which might be reassuring for you, but still means I'm running at least two decades late.

This weeks sensory analogy for Brexit is having metal fillings and biting down on tin foil... that has been connected to the mains power supply.

The UK's already heady mix of farce and political thriller took a definite soap opera turn, when last night the Speaker of the House (an independent arbiter who keeps order in the House of Commons) unexpectedly utilised a precedent dating back to 1604 to prevent the Prime Minister from bringing her twice rejected deal back for a THIRD vote without any changes, on the grounds that that's not how these things are supposed to work. Both Brexiteer and Remainer groups are claiming it as a victory, so make of that what you will, but with 10 days to go before we exit by default, it's all getting rather desperate.

(I will note that POTUS 45 chose to weigh in, saying how disappointed he was by PM May's handling of Brexit, and that he'd offered negotiating advice which he is sure would have helped if she'd used it. Given his last negotiations were that humiliating mess of meeting North Korea's leader that went exactly nowhere. Well, draw your own conclusions as to why a longer served, more experienced, leader chose to ignore him)

"Heorodotus proved right after nearly 2,500 years", is not something one expects to see too often, but is the case this week! , which has confused historians because there was no evidence found that such boats ever existed, has been found at the bottom of the Nile.

Miraculous has aired another two episodes, "Animaestro" which, despite a lot of clever meta (It's about an animated movie of ML being released in-universe, which uses the abandoned anime style the series was originally going to use, and is directed by Thomas Astruc, the series actual creator, who plays himself in the episode.... sort of), manages to make Marinette somewhere between distinctly unlikable and outright creepy (Siding with Chloe in a nasty-minded plan and letting her selfish obsession with Adrien become something rather disturbing to watch), and "Oblivio", which is the exact opposite, a cleverly thought out, well written story involving nobody remembering who they actually are and trying to piece things together.

Also, full marks to the Doom Patrol TV series for their adaptation of the Decreator storyline from Grant Morrison's run, which retained nearly all the bonkers elements of the original (with a few bizarre Cult members cut for time and budget I suspect) and cast Mark Sheppard as Willoughby Kipling (The sort of street wizard John Constantine can feel superior to). It also had a better, IMHO, resolution, though some of that is down to them realising that if you're paying for Alan Tudyk and Timothy Dalton on the cast, it's better to use them than not.

Also a quick, if conditional, recommendation for "Love Death and Robots" on Netflix, a compilation of 18 animated shorts on various sci-fi topics. Whilst there are legitimate concerns about how women are presented in many of the stories (There's a LOT of sexualised female nudity, whilst men almost entirely keep their clothes on) there are a couple of very good stories in there, my favourites being "Fish Night" which has a definite Ray Bradrury short story vibe to it, and "Three Robots" which has the titular characters touring a post apocalyptic world with a lot of wry commentary.

Also, a trailer for Toy Story 4!

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(He'd got it saving the Joker's life.)

The wound wouldn't close, despite Alfred's best efforts.

" The Stag's ancient sickness will creep. " said the Shadow.

" The strike will kill him in time..

" Batman is dead. "

" Not yet. " )


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