Mar. 22nd, 2019

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So last time I did this it was premature but now it's pretty definite... Disney now owns Fox.

Obviously the main concern is monopoly and the hold Disney has over the entire film industry at this point at least in regards to major franchises. Can't say I'm looking forward to the day when Disney runs everything.

Another big thing is X-Men and Fantastic Four are now in effect owned by Disney and can now join the MCU. (And coincidentally the Inhumans push seems to be dying down, Wolverine and the FF are back, the X-Men are finally doing stuff, etc) The Fantastic Four I can see working but the X-Men? I'm not too sure. Are mutants going to suddenly pop up now or are we going to pretend that Magneto and Xavier have been battling in the background all these years?

Plus... while Fox's handling of the X-Men was far from perfect I will say I'll miss the risk-taking they took with films like 'Logan'. Disney's idea of an 'edgy' franchise film was 'Rogue One'. We are probably never going to have a hard R-rated X-Men film again. (Of course there's still Deadpool who will apparently be the sole survivor of the original Fox canon but it's still not the same effect as having R-rated Wolverine.)


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