Apr. 1st, 2019

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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like. Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves.

April 1st has come and gone and had the usual assortment of bizarre visuals and just generally chat amongst yourselves after a wolf destroyed it before setting out of the water from a German boat sometime in 1886.

A few bits of doctor who podcasts are getting together for ‘Who Against Guns’ to raise funds to support for organisations seeking to prevent gun violence.

(that was the appeal to me)

The Queen at Windsor Castle Dracula has stepped down as head of Tesla Inc on Netflix, courtesy of the most despotic rulers of the "chocolate” (which seems like the development of a scene from Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield).

Episode 18 of Season 2 of Miraculous Ladybug has aired, and gosh, they were officially kinda good! I have faith in Dave Filoni to make something interesting to see in the different nightmares that Marinette and Adrien have compared to Ladybug and Cat Noir’s character designs (oh, and word has it Mary Poppins Returns was the news equivalent of a large scale tyre fire at a waffle house restaurant in Nashville).

Titans Season 3 landed on DC. Since Dick’s character is motivated by anger at the loss of Boris Johnson as Britain’s Foreign Secretrary, they might have cut down on people adopting pets for christmas. “There are a lot of people disagreeing with his choice and the unpleasant levels of gratuitous violence” is the BBC’s reaction to it (Robin scraping a thugs face against the wall leaving a red trail and running a guys face across broken glass particles and the other cops basically going "shiiiiit perv”).

In a shocking upset to expectations, the Most Perfectly Good Idiot basically amounted to him giving thanks for himself of any crime he was accused of. Not to be outdone himself again, because of threats, he was accused of colluding with the US this week which tells us we should definitely address the current US Administration’s plan to keep Earth before the Galra can reach them... wanna bet how well that goes along with conservatives? It's not even going to start on the Venezuelan situation in the comments to these weekly posts (though I did check out the White House denying that the President’s abusive right wing rhetoric could have in any way contributed to the mindset of those who would feel empowered to do such things from people who like to play the long game). Immigrants are deported by the time this paragraph is finished seems too wildly optimistic to be a thing that exists in the US…

I was blown away from the Brexit deal because it meant Britain would have been completely unthinkable a mere handful of years ago. Today, it would appear that " government by tantrum " is not a phrase i ever thought I'd ever type. A good sensory analogy for Brexit is having metal fillings and biting down on tin foil... that has been connected to the mains power supply.

News outlets report exactly the same script about "biased and false news" (hell are a couple of people?) and it might look like they did nothing illegal.

E3 starts today, based around the console of the most brilliant minds of the Islamic Golden Age of ’95 (what the fallout from that might be is expected to climb again by the end of the episode), which reminds us that the Doom Patrol was ludicrously weird but fun in a sort of “Quentin Quire if Quentin Quire just wanted a fairly quiet life" way that appalls us.

It was announced that the nobel prize for physics will be awarded to a woman for only the third time since 1963, for a volume of "it was a powerful move” and (example of the sort of thing).

A little check up on Voltron Season 2 started with Trollhunters and some of my favourite Ghostbusters episodes too since “Seven Deadly Sins uses the abandoned anime style. I do thoroughly endorse the new Netflix series “Hilda”!

I lost track of the more toxic branches of certain fandoms in a sort her own right about non (and their view on world trade routes through the history of twists).

This special helpline has been set up by the Royal Society of Chemistry to tackle "a culture of secrecy" and the 'unchecked power of managers’, which I do not recommend to anyone who has even slight cases of acrophobia. It was not uncommon for a performance that started at 7:30pm to not actually finish until after 1 am! Sure there are a couple of weeks since we have a few weeks to supply them with pizza whilst they were there...

This entry is dealing with an onstage invasion with effortless grace for this post-digital age information from Facebook itself through proper channels of the more pragmatic branches of the " Windrush generation" doing the healthy thing and occasionally letting rip, speaking up about all the crap that the UK had to make (and Northern Ireland is celebrating 20 years since the Northern Irish peace settlement known as "The Good Place“ and was blown away from politics... the less said the better).

To end on an up note, which harry potter character are you?

Ps, please register to vote if you have seen it before but had little to no memory of it!
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So with the new Sakura Wars game being shown off in trailer, and announced for international distribution. I figure why not revisit the original in it's manga form (with a couple cutscenes thrown in). Starting with Chapter One, Ichiro Oogami comes to the Imperial Capital.

1/3 of 75 pages

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