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Re: he shouldn't have said that

Their reaction is justified and your comments are nothing but an attempt to silence them.

FYI, this is exactly the sort of comment that leads some members of the comm to feel that it's forbidden to disagree with any oppression-related statement in s_d. (Especially when it's made by a mod, even though your comment wasn't made in that capacity.) Essentially, the message that often comes across is that all accusations of oppression are unimpeachable and any form of dissent, no matter how mild, is grounds for public shaming (often resulting in an official warning if the dissenter tries to defend themself).

Nefrekeptah made a straightforward statement suggesting a figurative interpretation of Willingham's comment, then was immediately contradicted by people insisting on taking it 100% literally AND also told that sharing his/her reaction is the same thing as silencing others' reactions.

If nefrekeptah had left out "I simply think some people are blowing it out of proportion," would his/her comments still be considered a silencing tactic? I can see that sentence as being a bit accusatory. But without it, there's just a clarification in response to your question.

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