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OMG YOU GUYS. I have just finished reading a book. It is a book called The True Meaning of Smekday. It is a book which was recommended to me by this nice lady, and this webcomic. I read these and thought, wow, this sounds like an okay book! I shall sign it out from the library!

Friends, I am here to tell you that the internet LIED. This is NOT an okay book. This is THE GREATEST BOOK EVER IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD OF EVER OH MY GOD. I should not have gotten it from the library. I should have progressed immediately to the nearest bookstore and ordered FIVE COPIES.

Until I can do so, I distract myself by sharing the joy with you.

The True Meaning of Smekday is the story of Gratuity Tucci. Her name does not mean what her mom thought it meant when she named her that. Her friends call her Tip. Tip is writing an essay for school about her life during the invasion and colonization of Earth by the Boov. It is a prose novel, but contains several passages in comic form, as comics are an ancient and noble art form on the planet Boov. The comics are dictated and illustrated by a Boov companion she met on the way to the human resettlement colony, J. Lo. His name also does not mean what he thought it meant when he named himself that.

I'm not sure how the rules work when only part of the book is in comic form, particularly the rules on page count. To play it safe, I limit myself to two pages from this eight page segment, A Pictorial History of the Boovish Race With Pictures.

In the beginning, there was Water. And it was wet and squishy and full of Boov, who were also wet and squishy.

Skip ahead a few pages and a few millenia, during which several more Boov die of asphyxiation (this seems to be a recurring theme in Boov history, art, and mythology), to the dawn of the glorious Boovish age of Space Travel!

A moment of silence for Anonymous Koobish, without whose sacrifice the glorious and happy takeover of Earth would not have been possible.

While you are being silent, you may watch this human training video.

I can hardly wait to get my own copy. Plus a few copies for friends and random passerby. I had better hurry. There are only 193 more shopping days until Smekday.

creator: adam rex
title: the true meaning of smekday


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