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I am so close to done with all this bullshit.

No icon ragey enough. This one feels cold and bitter, which is appropriate enough.

A little under two pages from Birds of Prey #2.

With all the fail going 'round at DC lately, the last thing I needed this week was Gail Simone killing gays (even if he pulled the trigger himself). I don't even know anymore.

This shit better be a fake-out because I'm out of patience for Brightest Day and DC in general. I'm gonna go drown my sorrows in Pet Avengers. :(
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Lian's hanging out too and passing out the plates for everyone.
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[personal profile] nezchan 2010-06-17 12:32 am (UTC)(link)
Roy Harper's there looking after his kid, probably unaware of the defective clone running around back home.
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The Dibnys brought some wine!
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[personal profile] nezchan 2010-06-17 12:35 am (UTC)(link)
See, I don't mind if the Dibneys appear as ghosts, 'cuz they're adorable ghosts that we don't see near enough of. That, and I kinda liked the dramatic arc of Ralph's death, it was worth something.
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And since they're being used sooooooooooooooo much these days, amirite?
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They need their own series as ghost detectives, dammit!

Hell, even as a student with no free cash, I'd find a way to get that.

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Hey, you wouldn't believe how hard it was to convince DC to let
me bring back ICE.

People still gripe about it, and to me, it's silly. She's a Nordic
magic ice goddess. If ANYONE can come back, wouldn't you think
it would be her?

I'd love to have the Dibneys back.
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The Dibneys were made of cute, dangit! But yeah, editorial's got to be a tough nut to crack.

Man, if only I were a year or two further along in art, I'd draw my own story about them, and give it away for free!
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I want to visit a Comic studio just for stuff like this

"Sup guys I'm gonna bring back Ice sooooo"


"Why....~dramatic turn to camera~ not? ~zoom in~"

"Totally unrealistic. It wouldn't make sense!"

"She's a fucking Ice Goddess. Somehow I doubt the rules of reality slip into her daily works often. Also, she's a good character."

~Alan Moore quietly walks behind Gail. He stands silently behind her for a few seconds before she turns around~


~Alan slowly leans forward~

"Fuck Zach Synder...."

~He walks away in a billow of second hand marijuana smoke and magic~
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God DAMNIT you need someone to draw these.

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Ok the Fuck Zach Snyder line did it for me. lmao

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I still want to see the Dibnys palling around with Deadman/Aliveman/Boston/whatever-you-want-to-call-him-now and getting tips on how to run around spying on/possessing people/doing ghosty things, and they can advise him on how to do detectivey things
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Smart-mouthed Boston teamed with sharp-minded Ralph and his perfect match and capable partner Sue?

Hell, YES!
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Throw in Traci 13 (and maybe her chimp detective friend) and I am *so* there.

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Do want!
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I feel compelled to illustrate this. It's that or beat someone over the head with my computer. Can Kurt Wagner come too?
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He loves his brbecue.

Kurt: Now my little fraulein to add some flavor poor the lemon juice as it is still cooking. *does so* BAMF! Instant flavor!
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Who needs a smokehouse? Stick some pork shoulder in a closet and have Kurt teleport in and out a couple of times. Done!
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But, who loves the taste of sulfur? That's what Kurt's bamfs smell like right, to play up the "demon" angle?
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Hey, nobody here's racist. C'mon over!

Man, this is turnin' out to be one bitchin' party!
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Bruce's parents are bringing baby pictures!
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For some reason, they can breathe in space too. They've actually been living on the moon all along, for tax reasons.
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*hands you internet*
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That'll look right fine on my bookcase here, thanks.
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Can Regular Guy Jason Todd from the end of Countdown be hanging out there too? I bet he makes great margaritas....