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A World of Context in Archie's World.

I present to you some panels from the Archie series. And they are just full of context for you to find!

Frankly, I always figured Archie for a pushy bottom. But then, I figured Moose was too.

Why does Archie look like he has been doing more than swimming? Why is Mr Lodge's hair yellow? Why does the sky look unusually dim in the background? Why does Veronica not want to miss out on dryhumping the town statue of the mayor? It's your call.

Lol @ Archie. Hippie Racism?

Betty brings us a parable about sex.

"Gets all he can out of that orange?" Ew. Also, two things occur to me. One, Reggie is clearly a date-rapist of some kind. And yet, the kids still put up with him. And two, that orange is a dirty, dirty slut.
Also, please note, that in all these stories, sex is exclusively something men pressure women into doing. The idea of a woman being a sexual being herself is not permitted in these stories.
Given that this is also the story in which Betty makes a plea for loving and standing by your man, even defending him, no matter how badly he takes advantage of you or is in the wrong, that shouldn’t be too surprising.

So, the worst thing that happened to Veronica today is that someone tried to sell her pot? Yep, she’s a Republican.
Man, if she freaks out this badly over people smoking pot in high school, she’s going to have an aneurysm when she gets to college. Assuming, of course, that Mr. Lodge doesn’t marry her off to a nice Christian boy right after graduation.

This is an icon waiting to happen. Anyway, I prefer to think of him as floor wax.

Betty said a swear!!!

I remember having these kinds of arousing fetish dreams when I was a child.

The Comet and The Shield, naked, at night, in their shared apartment…and people say that Archie super-hero comics are dull.

So, uh, what do you think Melody is so taken with?

Let’s assume it’s not gay porn, shall we.

I have actually seen stuff like this online. It's some sort of gay porn site called "Naked Kombat. "What, you don't believe me? Look it up. It's real.

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Oh gods, you had me at "Run to him...." *dies*