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A belated return on [personal profile] benicio127's request.

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"When a demented terrorist creates a weapon that allows him to control the weather, the Dark Knight Detective joins forces with one of his greatest enemies, Ra's al Ghul, and his daughter Talia in order to stop the madman from creating worldwide havoc."

Sounds like a Bond film synopsis, doesn't it? (Not that far off) It's actually the story of Damian's conception which was Elseworld's territory for many years before Morrison made it canon.

So, to go along with the recent postings of Damian's early appearances, here's his (technically) very first appearance!

This story takes place some time after the earlier confrontations of Bruce Wayne and Ra's al Ghul published in the '70s and '80s, but before the events of Zero Hour. On the whole, the art and style represent a bygone era of the Dark Knight mythos I'm sorry I have to rediscover to enjoy.

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As always, a situation has arisen in Gotham that requires the attention of the Batman. A bunch of heavily armed and (somewhat) well-trained terrorists, all sporting a Q-shaped scar on their faces, have taken some hostages (one of them pregnant). Enter the Bat.

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It's only one... man?

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Batman plays "dodge-the-bullet" and lets the last holdout take a leaking stream of toxic chemicals to the face ala Robocop. Then he rushes their escaping helicopter and fights the on-board crew, causing it to crash and burn in the river. Gordon assumes he needs to drag the river for the body. Silly police.

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Pick you what, Batman? A flower? A good restaurant? A decent escort who doesn't ask questions? We may never know, as next we're treated to the retread origin story that 98% of all Batman stories are required to show us (in case you didn't know who the fuck Batman was when you picked up this comic).

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Hel-LO nurse, Dr. Freud!

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All my skanky, morally questionable girlfriends are allowed in these meetings, Jim, you know that. Now make with the confidential international information for the masked vigilante.

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Turns out the terrorists were after special chemicals used in the "science" (so-claimed by the Batman) of Pluviculture.

Investigation on the current state of the field leads to one Blaine-Pearson Research, with the eponymous Dr. Blaine found dead at the scene. An astronomy text is near the body, with a torn page clutched in the late doctor's hand. It centers on the Binary star Algol. Open and shut case.

So Batman accompanies Talia to a secret base of her father's.

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Silly bitch, yo weapons cannot harm me; don't you know who the fuck I am? (Those who don't know the reference should be ashamed, and then watch this)

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Behold, the Demon's Head! (I recommend imagining the voice of David Warner for al Ghul from here on out).

Stay tuned for the rest of the story. Same Bat time, same Bat comm!

12 pages from 78 of Batman: Son of the Demon 2006 reprint (originally published 1987).

suggested tags: char:batman/bruce wayne, char:ra's al ghul, char:talia al ghul, char:robin/damian wayne, creator:mike w. barr, creator:jerry bingham, publisher:dc comics
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