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Celebrity Poker: Spidey-style

Greetings True Believers!

I'm here to fulfill a request from crabby_lioness. It's superhero poker night!

It's the Kingpin vs. Spider-Man in a couple hands of no-limit Texas Hold'Em.


Suggested Tags: char: black cat/felicia hardy, char: angel/archangel/warren worthington, char: dr. strange/stephen strange, char: spider-man/peter parker, char: the thing/ben grimm, char: human torch/johnny storm, char: kingpin/wilson fisk, title: spectacular spider-man, creator: paul jenkins, creator: talent caldwell, publisher: marvel comics.

Some NYC are holding a poker night at a local hotel. Black Cat, Angel, the FF, Dr. Strange and Spidey are attending.

There is lots of funny in this issue as Dr. Strange sucks hardcore at poker but suddenly there is knock at the door. It's Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime! He's there with a suitcase of cash and proposal, he wants in.

The heroes decide to let Fisk play.

There is more funny but this post about the poker-showdown.

They shoot the shit some more and suddenly it's down to Peter and the Fat Man.

Everyone is super-psyched with Spidey's win. Peter tells Reed to give the winnings to a cerebral palsy research foundation. He grabs a twenty and decides to buy MJ some flowers.

Spidey's reaction to the night:

Love this issue.

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