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Superman #700

Tags: title:superman,char: batman/bruce wayne,char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson,char: superman/clark kent,creator: Dan Jurgens,creator: Peter Pantazis

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Those two are such an old married couple.
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Lois and Selena are the best beards in the business, baby!
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you know they wanted to have him say "Anything you say dear."

heehee love that bruce was not fooled too :)
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pssst. that's wee!dick, not wee!tim.
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Something Clark would never EVER do.

Unless it would fuck with Bruce.

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With that ending line, I expected to Clark to blink while the theme song went off.
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Cue the cheesy 80's sitcom closing music!
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a laugh track wouldn't have been out of place, either.
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Oh Clark, you are *such* a bad influence!
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It doesn't seem in character for the Big Blue Boyscout to do someone's homework for them.
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It's allowed.

He's f'ing with Bruce by covering for Dick.

It's one of the few exceptions in the book. Under "making Batman eat humble pie".
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Being nice to Dick comes easily I should imagine, plus as noted, it messes with Bruce's mind in the GOOD way.
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Smiling Broadly - check
Laugh alittle - check
Made me love Clark more then ever - check

Well JMS I know where some of my pay check is going for awhile; your pocket.
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This story was by Dan Jurgens, IIRC. There are multiple stories in the issue.
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OK well I couldn't and still can't make it till Friday. This means its still likely. I was most likely going to based off his Thor and Spider-Man (when he was in charge).

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I did read through it--I think it's very interesting.
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Seeing the note, I have a few bouts of Fridge Logic:

1) Bruce wastes a lot of time and ink perfecting a bat logo signature

2) Bruce carries a bat stamp/bat stickers around with him (which is suspicious)

3) Bruce has pre-made bat stationary (also suspicious).

Then again, he is the Goddamn Batman.
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I bet there are novelty shops in Gotham that sell bat merchandise.
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...and which are all owned by Wayne.
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4) Wayne Enterprises has a line of Nerf Batarangs in several sizes; Bruce often carries a set just in case he meets some kid who seems to need a toy. (It keeps them from disrupting interviews.) He used one of the smaller ones as a stamp.
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I like to imagine him very carefully drawing the bat every time he sends a letter. It's one of the small pleasures he permits himself.
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"3) Bruce has pre-made bat stationary (also suspicious)."

Nah, he keeps a few reams of it in his utility belt, just in case he needs to write a quick bat-memo to anyone. Criminals are a cowardly, suspicious, and often illiterate lot.
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Bruce trained for a year in the Himalayas, mastering every style of Combat Penmanship.
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A warrior must learn good penmanship to focus his mind and purposes. I just recently saw it in an episode of Avatar the Last Airbender. ::nods wisely::
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Ah, good stuff, that.

I wonder if Bruce knows Clark's handwriting...

For that matter, it's a miracle he didn't set the book on fire...

--LBD "Nytetrayn"

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I'm sure there were several clues to lead him to know Clark was there. Like talking to the commissioner or turning on the television to watch the news.
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Oh, no doubt. I just wonder if perhaps our favorite detective would have seen that, or if perhaps Big Blue has super-handwriting-impersonation powers as well.

--LBD "Nytetrayn"
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I'm pretty sure it was the Robin-Cycle still being at the scene that told him Robin was there...after that, knowing Superman also was, working it out is not a difficult deduction for the World's Greatest Detective.

I imagine after checking in on Dick, he put his costume on and checked out the scene. He saw the wrecked car, remembered the gun runners were from Metropolis, and figured out Clark was there...then he saw the Robin-Cycle.

'Hmm. Dick lied to me. But his homework was done...' 3-2-1 '... CLARK!'

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This is so sweet!*happy sob*Maybe we should put on a diabetic alert here.
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It's official, Clark is Dick's cool uncle.

Also I just leave how they fooled Bruce, granted he's a detective and he eventually found out but it's rare seeing Bruce surprised, and for that sweet moment he was.
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Yeah, I do like the relationship between Dick and Clark. Dick idolizes Superman with a purity he never could with Batman, and on Clark's part, well... What better affirmation could anyone have than to have Superman's sincere respect

Every time they put the two of them together on the page, it's gold.

Always makes me want to see Dick interacting with other major DC characters more often. Wonder Woman, Green Lantern etc.
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Aw, the last panel is so sweet, I don't want to asshole it up even in the slightest.
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It's good to be reminded why I love comics :D
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Okay, I'm sold on this issue. Thanks for sharing.
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Anyone else hearing "Can you read my mind?" as Clark and Dick fly home? :)