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Superman #700

Tags: title:superman,char: batman/bruce wayne,char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson,char: superman/clark kent,creator: Dan Jurgens,creator: Peter Pantazis

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Seeing the note, I have a few bouts of Fridge Logic:

1) Bruce wastes a lot of time and ink perfecting a bat logo signature

2) Bruce carries a bat stamp/bat stickers around with him (which is suspicious)

3) Bruce has pre-made bat stationary (also suspicious).

Then again, he is the Goddamn Batman.
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I bet there are novelty shops in Gotham that sell bat merchandise.
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...and which are all owned by Wayne.
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4) Wayne Enterprises has a line of Nerf Batarangs in several sizes; Bruce often carries a set just in case he meets some kid who seems to need a toy. (It keeps them from disrupting interviews.) He used one of the smaller ones as a stamp.
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I like to imagine him very carefully drawing the bat every time he sends a letter. It's one of the small pleasures he permits himself.
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"3) Bruce has pre-made bat stationary (also suspicious)."

Nah, he keeps a few reams of it in his utility belt, just in case he needs to write a quick bat-memo to anyone. Criminals are a cowardly, suspicious, and often illiterate lot.
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Bruce trained for a year in the Himalayas, mastering every style of Combat Penmanship.
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A warrior must learn good penmanship to focus his mind and purposes. I just recently saw it in an episode of Avatar the Last Airbender. ::nods wisely::