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Marvel Zombies Series 5 #4 preview

Having been burned out on Zombies since the beginning of the year, I do appreciate the fresh takes we've been getting on them thanks to Machine Man and Howard the Duck's cross-dimensional voyages. CosmicBookNews has the preview, we get a different kind of "zombie" to have our heroes "bring the noise" to. 2 behind the cut.

Amadeus in the cyberspace metaverse... an interesting take as to what he could do. Been a while since I read any sci-fi hacker-speak.

I don't even know where to begin this one, so much to choose from. Hmmm.. let me try the nitpick, as I thought "machines that feed and run on human flesh" are called sarx after the greek term "angelic flesh". Soylent green, anyone?

Oh, and on the cover... if anyone can't place it, it's a homage to Roberto from Futurama.

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title: Marvel Zombies 5

character: Machine Man/Aaron Stack
character: Howard the Duck

creator: Fred Van Lente
creator: Jose Angel Cano Lopez
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Listening to CSI talk about anything is pretty painful, though.