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One scan from X-Force V2 #27, one and a half pages from X-Men Legacy #237

A few weeks ago, this panel was published, as Cyclops explains that his plan to defeat the Super-Duper-Sentinels is to send Doug "Cypher" Ramsey into the future so he can hack their system and deprogram them all at the source. Wolverine points out a flaw...

At the time I noted, fairly vehemently, that comment came across as petty, spiteful, and basically a generally shitty thing to say about anyone, especially given the context that Doug had died due to a gunshot wound whilst saving Wolfsbane.

Now we see a nice moment of realisation....

In a longago post, I covered that when Doug was first introduced, the first thing we ever saw him do was cause the destruction of a Sentinel, when he and Kitty hacked a Shaw Industries system.

So in essence, Doug has come full circle. He talks one of the human guys battlesuits (Which looks sort of like the result of a one night stand between ED-209 and the Runaways Leapfrog) into helping them get into the complex, and whilst Cable runs interference, Doug confronts the Master Mold Master computer system, which engulfs him in a little light tentacle porn as it tries to delete his mind and assimilate him, but....

Doug's idea of improvisation is fairly.... destructive in Sentinel terms. Suffice to say, the San Fancisco scrap metal business is going to be in SERIOUS moolah when this is all over. But something like this comes at a cost, and when Wolverine and Domino, who have been keeping the Sentinels Distracted with X-23 and Warpath, rejoin Cable at the complex, we find this scene....

Aawww  Wolverine shows due respect in the manliest way he can...  You can practically hear the 1980's power chords playing as he carries his fallen comrade out into the light (and hope he doesn't wallop the poor guys head into the doorframe en route)

tags: char: wolverine/james logan, char: cypher/doug ramsey, char: wolverine/logan/james howlett, char: domino/neena thurman, char: cable/nathan summers, char: cyclops/scott summer, title: x-men legacy, title: x-force, creator: mike carey, creator: greg land

Date: 2010-06-28 01:25 am (UTC)
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Well, as a Canadian I've known and loved Larry Gowan for a LONG time, and I was exposed to Styx at an early age. You can imagine how excited I was to find out about Cyclorama (I haven't heard the other album except the I Am the Walrus cover), and to find a good, old-fashioned power ballad in the grand style on it.

And a man Gowan's age really shouldn't look *that* good in leather pants.


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