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Thor vs. the LOLcat of the Egyptian underworld

Greetings True Believers!

The title is hardly a joke, see the lulz!

Plus, cracky Thor and Cho interaction and young master Amadeus roofies a goddess. This one had me rolling on the floor. Two and half scans from Prince of Power #3. Enjoy!

Thor and Cho are in the Egyptian underworld fighting Sekhmet, Lady of Slaughter. The bouncer of the Egypt.

Cho is snarky.

Sekhmet catches up to them but the cho-meister has a plan.


I am so loving this mini. I just wish I could posted the "death-scrunchie" scene!

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Thor's "Youtube" comment immedately made me think of earlier in the Incredible Herc saga when Herc and Cho were putting on suits as to not offend the dead in Hades.

"You know the difference between you and me? I make this look good."
"How do you even know that quote?"

These gods have walked in the land of mortals long enough to know pop culture. Though in Thor's case he might not get it like Herc, I can see Thor sitting at one of Tony's computers at the Avengers Mansion some afternoon when nothing big was happening.