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Zuko's Story, plus Korra Fanart

Firstly, 'Zuko's Story' is a comic that covers the life of Zuko from just after his father, the Fire Lord, disfigured him, right up to when he saw the beam of light that signalled Aang's reanimation.

It's a good read, with the same characterisation as the series and pretty consistantly good art through the story. Zuko and Iroh are both the designs from the movie due to it being a tie-in, but everyone else looks the same as they did in the show, plus a lot of the dialogue slots into place with the cartoon's flashbacks. For example, when Zuko and Iroh were at the Western Air temple.

Here's a bit from the beginning,

13 pages from 144

I recommend it anyway, if only because it builds on Zuko's backstory some more, which is nice. Like where he got the idea for the Blue Spirit from.

And now, Korra fanart!

...Yeah, it's only been announced a few days ago, but not there's tons of the stuff.









From here,

Well, I'm psyched about the new show, how about everyone else?
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Given the shots Avatar took at its own weak spots and fanbase, I can't wait to see how they mock the movie. After all, they like the fans. M. Night Shyamalan, I'm guessing not.
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Well you know, the Ember Island Players may have changed up their story some in 70 years...
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Changed the story...

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"And lo, so it was that the Divine Moon Spirit looked down from the heavens and saw the legendary warrior Sokka, and fell deeply in love with him thanks to his pure soul, his rugged good looks and his chiseled frame."

"And she did leave the heavens, and appeared before him in human form. 'Great warrior', said the Divine Spirit, 'I have watched the humans from above for longer than even I can recall, yet never have I seen a man as great and noble as you. Come with me to my grand castle made from stardust and moonlight, and rule the heavens forever as my husband.'"

"And Sokka, honest and straightforward to the end, looked deep into the Divine Spirits eyes and replied, 'Fair spirit, you are the most beautiful maiden that I have ever set eyes upon, yet I cannot take you as my wife, and live with you in the heavens in peace, for my head lives only for the rush of combat, and my heart belongs only to the warrior maiden, Suki.'"

"And the Moon Spirit was heartbroken at the warriors' pronouncement, yet could not bring herself to hate Sokka, for his pure, strong soul was what she so dearly loved to begin with. Instead, she returned to her palace in the heavens to watch over him, but not before leaving Sokka a symbol of her favor and eternal love; his legendary sword, that could cut any substance, with a blade as black as the dark side of the moon."

"Sokka would use this sword to fell the dread airships of the Phoenix King, boldly leaping from ship to ship, cleaving each one in half with a single mighty swing."
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Re: Changed the story...

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LOL...Sokka would totally have loved that. *snickers*
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Eh, I'm guessing they'll mostly just ignore it as much as possible.
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The guys engaged with shippers. No way they're not making fun of some fake-3D cashgrab.
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They did so mostly at cons and such, and the studio might care.

Well, I'll correct myself. I expect very little in-show about it, but maybe at cons and such.
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I think that might be their only response to it. At the end of this interview, they seem weirdly dodgey about it.