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Young Justice cartoon info from Comicon

Boy howdy, are there going to be a LOT of guest stars on this show... check out the artwork lining the walls!

More Information from here
  • The series takes place within the 50 DC Multiverses, specifically Earth-16, at an early stage in DC Continuity
  • Sixteen of the regular Justice League members will appear, with Bruce Greenwood voicing Batman, Phil LaMarr voicing Aquaman, Alan Tudyk as Green Arrow, and Rob Lowe as Captain Marvel
  • The core Young Justice team will consist of Robin/Dick Grayson (Jesse McCartney), Kid Flash/Wally West (Jason Spizak), Aqualad (Kari Peyton), Superboy/Connor Kent (Nolan North), Miss Martian (Danica McKellar), and Artemis (Stephani Lemelin)
There's another piece of information about Aqualad which I won't mention here, but is on the linked page, so beware of spoilers if you go there.

Oh, and just because there was a link to it, the best butt in the DCU shows up in DC Universe Online... the view is almost... hypnotic

and for legality, about the only YJ cover I can post here I think

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I can understand that. And I do credit them for tying it in to the DCAU a bit by taking their character design cues from the Crisis on Two Earths video.

I'm sure it'll be decent at worst, and downright awesome at best. I hold Greg Weisman's ability to craft a really good show pretty high. But right now it just feels like a huge bait and switch.

At least there's a hope that DC will follow through this time on their plans for getting Wally and Bart more active in comics next year. Though to be honest, my blue ring's kinda running on fumes.