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One Perfect Moment - Lex Luthor, Millionaire Businessman

We all know Lex Luthor, evil manipulative powermad monster, mostly because we see him through the eyes of Superman and the other heroes where he drops his mask, but to the rest of the DCU, and Metropolis in particular he's a brilliant man, Metropolis' single largest employer, and a well know public figure, a celebrity with an eye for the ladies and (with a bit of bad boy about him) and philanthropist. Sort of like a pro-active Bruce Wayne, with SMARTS!

And how does he retain the common touch? Because he knows people, he really, really does. Okay, he knows them the way a biologist knows the Paramecium he's looking at down a microscope, but he still knows them.

This is from issue 1 of "Lex Luthor: Man of Steel", Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo. I was tempted to post a rather fun discourse about TV remotes, but I decided I like this better.... (Actually I could post much of the whole issue because it's just that good.

Luthor is in his office, looking out at a magnificent new building under construction on Gotham, and pondering the nature of humanity and the spirit of creativity and achievment...


His current amanuensis, Mona, comes in and starts a conversation, including the aforementioned discussion about TV remotes. Mona reminds Lex that that night he is due to attend the Von Rauch Academy Benefit Ball, to hand over his usual VERY generous donation.

Now why would Lex go so far out of his way to help a kid he's never met? Is it part of a long game? Or, as seems more likely, a mercurial whim because he can, because he just... <i>likes</i> Stan? Does it matter? It's just nice to see a little more of Lex than the usual EEEVIIIIILLLLL side.

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Of course he cares about normal people... only when they worship him and the ground he walks on. I think a huge part of Lex's character is his raving ego. He'll only help the world if there is something for him or such a thing.