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One Perfect moment - Dick gives up the pixie boots Pt 1

This is part one of a two part Perfect Moment. They're by different artists, different writers, but both represent pivotal moments

This was originally planned to be part of my "The Original origin of the Original non-Original Robin" series on the history of Mk1 Jason Todd, but since I haven't gotten around to posting one of those for a long, long time, I thought I'd short circuit the process for this.

This is from New Teen Titans 39

Bear in mind the power of this moment in context. In this day and age it's been done many, many times, some costumed identities are practically a fanchise now, but this was a first: A major DC character was ceasing to be the character they were uniquely identified with a costumed sidekick was graduating into.. well, we didn't quite know what yet... Not even on Earth-2 had anyone given up their identity like this...

In short, Dick Grayson was, after over 40 years in the role, giving up being Robin

Yeah Dick, flash those gams one more time for us all to enjoy...

Dick's comment that he's worn the csotume since he was eight is perhaps a little weird...

It's not often I agree with Terra, but on this next page, I fully endorse her comment....

It's worth noting that this phase of the story was more or less told completely in the New Teen Titans. That was where Dick spent most of his time, and was the role he was most identified with (and sold best).

Part two will deal with Dick telling the other important people in his life about his decision.

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I really like how Dick is doing his costume removal so carefully and deliberately. Although Vic tells him to "can the dramatics", I think it works here for him. Dick's going through the "dramatics" slowly precisely because the whole ceremony (which is what it feels like) is of the utmost significance to him - we can see that in the way he removes each piece of the costume* lovingly and in a particular order before putting them in front of everyone.

Also, the fact that Kory's the only one assisting in any way (he hands her the cape and she helps him take the tunic - which he's just said was the hardest thing to give up - off) I think reassures her (and us readers!) that she (and by extension the other Titans) are still important to him. He really does mean it when he says he's darn proud to be a Titan.

Fantastic moment and lovely lovely lovely art (well, Perez. :D). <3 Thanks for sharing it.

*except the undershirt and (from what we can see here) the pixie boots, despite the title of your post ;)
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Great points in your reply. I was always struck by this scene - the reverence to the costume, Kory's misunderstanding and then her assistance (and the only one too)... It summed up so much of who Dick was as Robin, as a Titan and as he was as Dick Grayson at that point.

And Icon, yes, definitely one perfect moment.
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Well he became Robin in a ceremony of sorts, it's fitting that he'd end it the same way.