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morgana006 ([personal profile] morgana006) wrote in [community profile] scans_daily2010-07-30 09:29 pm

One Perfect Moment: Atomic Robo

Choosing One Perfect Moment for Atomic Robo is difficult because it's like a whole series of One Perfect Moments. But this scene, I think, really shows what Atomic Robo is about.

Atomic Robo, volume 3, issue 4. Two pages.

So Atomic Robo is fighting a being beyond time and space. He's fought the same being at different points in his life, and this is when you finally see what happened.

For the record, these are 1926 Robo (Holy socks!), 1957 Robo (with the fancy jacket), 1971 Robo (with the blue shirt and funny hat), and 2009 Robo (in the t-shirt).

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