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The opening sequence from BATMAN #700, written by Grant Morrison and drawn(very, very well--either he improved greatly or his inkers have been doing him dirt; if you can make the Mad Hatter look cool, you're something) by Tony Daniel. Basically, your classic old-fashioned Batman & Robin vs. the Big Villains scene, pretty much all in a 60s tone--with a few Morrison elements thrown in. Like the Joker getting high off the Scarecrow's fear gas and...having a bit of an insanity attack.(and I guess they have this Mad Hatter because...they needed a fifth maybe) I also like touches such as Batman's costume taking a lot from the 60s TV show version, but making it work. I dig this sequence a lot, and I'll bet you could show it to anyone with no explanation and it would work. You want your old-fashioned SA Batman? Here! Grant can do that too. To me, as well, this was one of the only of these "special milestone" issues recently that really felt like something special. Or fun.

Yes, even including pervy undertones. Just like the old days.

And here. Icons. Enjoy.

(PS if interested: This week's LULU.)

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