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I note, with a little embarrassment, that my OPM posts have been entirely US comic based (even if one was an English writer writing about a Scottish Mutant on a British superteam), so before things come to a close, one Continental moment, and if I can manage it later, a Japanese one.

2 pages out of 40 from Asterix the Legionary, one of my favourite Asterix books.

Obelix is usually content to play second banana to his best friend Asterix, and make the obvious jokes, but every now and again, he shines through on his own merits.

As this story starts, Obelix is, for wont of a better term, smitten, by the return to the Gaulish village of the beauteous Panacea, who he last saw a few years earlier when she left to study in Condatum (Rennes) and before... puberty was uncommonly kind to her (To borrow a term from "Pinky and the Brain")

Wanting to impress her with a gift, he starts with his finest menhir, but Asterix points out it's not terribly romantic, what he needs is something like poetry, or flowers. So Obelix goes to pick flowers, only trouncing a few Romans along the way (It's been quiet lately). And on his return...

Awwww.... poor brave Obelix... (You can literally HEAR his heart break in that scene can't you?

Obelix and Asterix go an join up to rescue Tragicomix, and comedic hijinks ensue, but it all hinges on this moment.

Even when the happy ending comes, it's not really a happy ending for Obelix, but he's happy that she will be happy and that's what makes him the hero here.
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