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One Perfect Moment: Norman Osborn

Greetings True Believers! This is my last post for OPM week and it's one of my favorites, for two reasons.

1. This issue of "Spider-Man's Tangled Web" features one of the best parts of any comic-verse. The villain bar. I love scenes of villains just hanging out, grousing about heroes, comparing notes and relaxing. Which is why I included a few scans of just that.

2. This story is an example of the fact that Norman Osborn doesn't need a costume, glider or control of an international martial agency to be one of the scariest motherfuckers on the planet.


We enter a seedy bar in NYC. A man in a fedora and trench-coat enters, his face in the shadows.

Now, some hilarious bar-talk, villain-style.

Love it.

The man in the fedora is here to meet Adrian Toomes (The Vulture) and Kraven the Hunter (Alyosha Kravinoff).

The main reason they are there is talk about their latest encounters with Spider-Man and to bitch about the Webhead and the supers in general. They shoot the shit for awhile and then they start talking about the ladies.

Kraven then claims to have slept with the Black Widow, Toomes calls bullshit and the man in the fedora says, "Redheads can be very crazy and difficult"

Adrian and Kraven tell about their latest encounters. Kraven is annoyed that Spidey stuck his nose in his business. Adrian's latest rant is how the just hates the fucking jokes and how Spidey never seems to take their encounters seriously.

Kraven makes fun of Toomes, they come close to blows when...

Now, that is a great fucking villain moment.
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[personal profile] skalja 2010-08-01 11:56 pm (UTC)(link)
God, I love this issue so much. It really is one of Norman Osborn's greatest moments. Also, I know a lot of people didn't like Al Kraven, but I miss him having a different personality and worldview than his father - obnoxious celebrity Al was hilarious.

(BTW, you might want to edit your post to mention the issue's extra-long page count so the mods know you haven't gone over!)
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I dunno if I ever read anything with Alyosha outside of Tangled Web, but I did have a kind of fondness for him. doesn't hurt that he's named after my favorite character from Brothers Karamazov

And seconding the page-count mention. I almost noted this post, but I happened to double-check first.
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[personal profile] skalja 2010-08-03 07:31 pm (UTC)(link)
He plays a small but important role in the dumb but entertaining Sweet Charity (Spidey and JJJ have to go camping together for charity) and he was great in Beyond! I haven't read Get Kraven, although I've heard it's where that scene where he criticizes a wisecracking Spidey for being a melodramatic depressive who blames himself for the rain is from, which instantly makes him one of my favorite Spidey opponents.

Really, the entire concept of Kraven the Hunter's son becoming an amoral, hard-partying, snarky millionaire is just awesome.
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[personal profile] goblinthebamf 2010-08-02 04:42 pm (UTC)(link)
I liked Al! ...and now I'm depressed because I just read up on the direction his character was turned. bleah.