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Red Hood Lost Days #3

This and seeing Wade/Outlaw in Deadpool #1000 made me So. So. Happy.

So Jason is training under a martial arts expert who he later finds is trafficking 10-year-old kids in a sex trade.

He kills the man by poisoning his energy drink and brings the kids to the British Embassy. Meanwhile, Talia is stalling him from his mission against Bruce. He sits down and talks with her afterwards.

Suggested tags: char: talia al ghul, char: robin/red hood/jason todd, creator: judd winick, creator: jeremy haun

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The 4-page limit on recent comics is a per-poster thing. Per-issue limits are still 1/3, but the poster limit is there mostly so one person doesn't have a monopoly on discussion of the issue if someone else wants to post other parts.

It applied to you last time because you'd posted two from the preview in another post, but I don't think there was a preview this month, was there?
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Not that I saw. Definitely not that was posted here, at any rate.