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Two-Face and the Riddler get stoned together

A "lost" scene from BATMAN FOREVER:

See, this? This is what happens when you have Denny O'Neil write your adaptation.
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I see. I think the 'people as plot devices' was something that was partly visible at times, in his Bat-verse as well.

I also, realized that I forgot to mention the exclusion of Martha Wayne in the movie. Seriously where the hell was Bruce's mom? /sarcasm.

So, Inception is off of my 'have to see this one day' list. I might watch it just so I can pitch in to a conversation should one turn up.

Speaking of Memento, I've been planning to watch the Hindi movie 'inspired' by it named Ghanjini. So far from what I've seen, no standard copy catting, it looks like the only thing that they have in common is that the main character suffers from Antegorade Amnesia and his wife was killed so he uses Polaroid pictures and tattoos to track the man who did it, every thing else is, thankfully, completely original. Plus, it looks I'm going to be satisfied on the female front as well, since the wife gets her back story expanded and part the main narrative follows a female medical student investigating the main character.

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Eh, I noticed that even the most ignorant writers seems to at least dedicate a panel for the character but sadly not many writers (including Paul Dini sadly) are interested in developing the character. However, there have been some good Martha Wayne stuff, there's that one DCAU tie in issue with wittle Bruce and Martha, the Batman:Family mini series involving a villain named Celia whose origin is tied to Martha, Batman: Death and Maiden (written by Greg Rucka) and I even heard about an interesting Martha Wayne-centric book which deals with child slavery in Turkey, not sure wth happened to that. I think the problem is, that unlike Thomas, no one has really taken the bait and started developing what other writers have set-up. :(

I guess I should, the last thing I want is to fall back on today's pop culture nerdiness.

It was released in 2008 and very popular, so I guess it shouldn't be too difficult to find it. Plus, I don't think I would have had the heart to recommend it were it not for the fact that Aamir Khan was starring in it. Whatever he has done this decade since Fanaa is worth watching. Also, I listed another potentially interesting movie that was released last week.