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From Batman 250, requested by [personal profile] shadowpsykie , this is the story of... "The Batman Nobody Knows"

As ever, a six page story is a nightmare to trim and still leave interesting, but I can thoroughly recommend this story, it's reprinted in "The Greatest Batman Stories ever Told"

Millionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne has taken three "ghetto hardened kids" on a camping trip so they can get their first experience in the wide open, smog-free, star bedappled sky, spaces, and local wildlife. )Okay, get your minds out of the gutter RIGHT NOW! This is NOT going to be one of those posts.. it's a nice, fun story, and we'll have NO lowering of the tone, RIGHT?)

As the kids and Mr Wayne sit round the campfire, one of them is startled by the hooting of an owl, something he's never heard before. He is mocked by his friends.

And so begins the awesomely fun storytelling, that I can't feature anything like enough of because this entire story is six pages long.

First Mickey's view of the Batman...

Ronnie disagrees completely with this assessment of Batman...

And yet that doesn't convince Ziggy, who has SEEN Batman when he was arresting a local thief.

Bruce has been amused by all of these stories, and decides to join in the fun...

And so it should always be IMHO...

This was later semi-adapted into "Legends of the Dark Knight" for the new Superman Batman adventures, as well as inspiring a sequence in the Batman: Gotham Knight DVD called "Have I got a story for you!".

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And even Bat-Mite was skeeved out by them.


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