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So shall we review?

Combaticons (what's left of them) are working for/with North Korea.

The US President has declared any nation cooperating with Cybertronians will be labeled a terrorist faction.

A covert group of the US military, led by Commander Spike Witwicky, has been working with the Autobots to capture or disable any remaining Decepticons. Well, President or not, they're not just gonna sit around...

As we begin, our heroes have attempted to infiltrate North Korea via cargo ship, but after their bogus shipping manifesto is called out as such, a dock worker just gets punched out and chucked into the water.

Don't worry, he had a life-jacket on. He'll wake up in an hour or two, the soldier swears.

How... how do you look that excited without a mouth?

Oh, and here's a little somethin' somethin' for the ladies (and some gents).


Date: 2010-08-12 10:10 pm (UTC)
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And the Cybertronian assets idea I had in mind was more spreading the kind of advanced Cybertronian technology that North Korea has through the gigantic Army the Kim Dynasty has created. By that point Kim's got both Cybertronian-quality weaponry and enough numbers to counterbalance the United States.

The kind of advanced Cybertronian technology North Korea has is 3 Decepticons (saying 4 above was a mistake) and an Energon processing plant. Like I said, not really much of a game-changer, so their moving up the ladder is mostly theoretical.

The US, on the other hand, has Skywatch, a unit primarily tasked with containing Cybertronians, who have mechs based on Cybertronian technology. They also have an alliance with the Autobots, which actually involves exchanges of information, but that's not publicly known (in fact, the subterfuge in this issue was because Cybertronians were declared WMDs, and therefore the alliance is illegal). On the other hand, while the real alliance is not known, there's not much chance that the captures aren't taken by those unfriendly to the US as building an army of alien robots (they had been trying to do just that before the invasion, in fact - though I skipped most of AHM, so I'm not sure how much of that is known in the wake of the fall of the Machination, and the changing of Skywatch's mandate).

BUT, the Koreans simply having a few Decepticon allies is is a) enough to tip the scales against an unprepared military without even that, and b) enough to imply they may have more, which could cow other nations until they can build their own countermeasures.

Could the Chinese overwhelm the Koreans, even with their Decepticon allies, if they decided to march? Probably...3 'bots can't be everywhere. But, why would they decide to march? The DPRK isn't hostile toward them. If they're worried, better that they accelerate their own build-up and make diplomatic enquiries.

Even ignoring the fact that the DPRK is constantly thumbing their nose at everyone else militarily, it's a good bet to make.

It's the US - who have both the technology to counteract the 'Cons, and an antagonistic relationship toward the DPRK - that would worth considering. But, again, it's not a bad bet that they could make some gains before the US mobilized against them.

And, again, if China isn't already doing something to counteract the possible use of Cybertronian tech against them (either by the Americans, or by a resurgent Decepticon army), that's a sign that the Decepticon invasion left them too spent to do so, so a theoretical threat from a friendly country isn't going to create an arms race.


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