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DCU Blog has another Red Lantern image

Team Scarlet Centurio... wait, no no .... the Blood Stryke Forc- no no, that's not it.... the Crimson Commando's?

From Red Lantern Corps 101

    "Red - the blood of angry men!
    Black - the dark of ages past!
    Red - a world about to dawn!
    Black - the night that ends at last!"

From Les Miserables, "Red and Black"

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You can keep calling him "Dex-Starr" as much as you like, Johns, but you're never going to change the fact that his name is actually "Ruffles."

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It must be changed before publication! Ruffles demands it!

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"Dex-Starr?" Does Johns get his names for his characters out of the back of his seventh-grade notebook?

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I really do enjoy the Red Lanterns for some reason, despite not following GL or GLC at all.

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I enjoy Ruffles. A lot.

Although I had kiiiind of been thinking about looking at GLC, but I really don't know if I want to get involved with an event.

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As I said before on the dear departed s_d: applicants must have pointy teeth, spikes, and/or an odd number of eyes.

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Ratchet defies your speciesism!

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This promo pic is clearly inaccurate ...

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... Because it does not include either myself or Jesse Baker.

Or is the "Nerdrage Corps" in the infrared spectrum?

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All it needs is pouches and they might as well call it the 90s corps.

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With Laira dead the only hot raging girl left now is Bleez!

I love how Ruffles actually seems to be clawing Atrocitus. That takes serious furballs.

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*reads the wiki on Laira, as "hot raging girl" is always an intriguing concept worthy of further research*

Wow. The Guardians are real prickholes, aren't they? Just about everything in her backstory is one fuckover after another, and they then have the raw arrogance and sheer audacity to condemn her posthumously for the "crime" of being pissed off. Who the hell wouldn't be?

My question is, as an outsider to the whole mythos, is this deliberate or is it bad writing? Because this isn't the first thing I've read that paints the Guardians and the GLC in a far less than flattering light, and it really makes me wonder if we're supposed to sympathize with them or not.

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I volunteer to get Bleez (the yummy-looking blue-skinned female with batwings for ears) laid and thus dispel her rage and deprive the Red Lanterns of a member.

While I'm at it, I'll provide the kittykitty with a lifetime membership to an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet, thus eliminating him as well. Bleez and I will also spend our downtime petting and cuddling the kitty, and giving him a warm bed to curl up on and lots of curtains to shred.

Between the three of us, we'll all be contented and purring most of the time and far too tired and happy for rage, death, or destruction.

Someone else can deal with the rest of the freaks, but I got those two.

You're welcome.


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All Atrocitus needs is a nice mug of hot chocolate and a name change by deed poll - I know if my folks had named me Atrocitus I'd be pissed, too. Perhaps 'Smileyhappius' is something he should look into.

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Yep, having names like that would screw anyone over.

Reminds me of a funny internet thing of a Transformer who becomes a gun. "Predestination: It's hard to be a good guy when you turn into a damn gun."

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Sector 666? Wow, that's subtle.

Ruffles the Rage Kitty yay!

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Eh a bit bit but I think it's been handled pretty good.

While the sector has a bunch of monsters (Red Lanterns) they actually do a nice turn around to the fact the Inversions (which Atrocitus was a member) weren't evil but driven to rage after the Guardians screw ups with the Manhunters led to their sectors almost total annihilation.

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I don't really care about anything else

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I mean

Re: I don't really care about anything else

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Yes. Ruffles the Rage Cat. AWESOME INDEED.

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I like Vice, Skallox, and Bleez best I think.

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*stares, as only a cat can stare*

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I demand a cat fight

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So wait... they retconned the Empire of Tears from being an empire of ultimate evil to a victim of circumstance?

Are they just undoing everything Alan Moore ever conceived for the GL corps? whats next? The big dramatic reveal that Mogo isn't really a living planet, but just a giant space hamster on a wheel that powers the planets motion?

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... What? There's other stuff in the picture? Where?

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It's the kitty with the hairball of doom!

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I can't wait for the Rage of the Red Lanterns: Dex-Starr vs Streaky one-shot.

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Huh. From his earlier appearances, I was expecting Ruffles to be a bit larger. Like, the size of a human torso, not counting his tail.

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RageCat! You're back! :D

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kingrockwell: he's a sexy (Default)

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Ruffles wears his ring on his tail!
My god, that is so fucking adorable!

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Power ring on the middle finger? Really works here. :)