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We're always glad to see member-led theme weeks and activities here on [community profile] scans_daily. Following the success of One Perfect Moment Week 2.0, we're happy to announce that [personal profile] benicio127, with assistance from  [personal profile] shelleymaree will be running Scans_Daily's very own 30 Days Meme starting tomorrow (Monday).

For those of you unfamiliar with these memes, each day  [personal profile] benicio127, [personal profile] shelleymaree, or one of the mod team, will present members with a simple question. You can then answer it as a comment in the parent post with an accompanying scan if you wish. It can be a two word response or a complete essay! If you think you want to include more scans than a single comment will comfortably accommodate, you can also make a post of your own.

So you all have advance notice to think about your answers and get scans organized, we present the list of questions in full:

Day 1: Favorite Female Character
Day 2: Favorite Male Character
Day 3: Favorite Friendship
Day 4: Character you would bring back from the dead
Day 5: Favorite rogues gallery
Day 6: Power or Ability You’d Like to Steal
Day 7: Favorite Team/Corps/Family
Day 8: Least favorite female character
Day 9: Least favorite male character
Day 10: Most cracktastic moment
Day 11: Favorite Elseworlds/Multiverse?
Day 12: Comic Location You’d Most Like to Visit? (Gotham, Star City, Themysicra, Utopia, Prof. Charles Mansion)
Day 13: Favorite artist(s)
Day 14: Favorite writer(s)
Day 15: Character that should have their own movie
Day 16: Favorite LGBTQ character
Day 17: Favorite legacy hero (Hero that took on a previous hero’s ID)
Day 18: Best Butt?
Day 19: Character you used to hate/dislike, but now you don’t?
Day 20: Storyline/Book you could read over and over again?
Day 21: Favorite Comic Event?
Day 22: Favorite Villain
Day 23: Favorite Costume
Day 24: Least Favorite Costume
Day 25: Favorite “other media” (movie, cartoon, etc)
Day 26: Favorite PoC character
Day 27: Favorite Origin?
Day 28: Favorite Canonical Romance
Day 29: Favorite Not-so canonical Romance
Day 30: Build your dream team of five characters

We'd like to thank [personal profile] benicio127 and  [personal profile] shelleymaree for offering to run this meme for us and we're sure that everyone will have a lot of fun!

Look out for the first post asking for your Favorite Female Character tomorrow.

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