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There are a number of contenders here, Jim Gordon and Batman are fascinating as friends, as are Batman and Superman. Then on the more humorous side of things, Asterix and Obelix of course, and the aforementioned Calvin and Hobbes.

But this one is probably my favourite. The kid next door with a facility for languages and the shape-changing technomorphing alien; Cypher and Warlock

They had been team mates for some time, and were buddies, but this is where they truly started to develop a friendship that has withstood both of them dying, TWICE!

From the gorgeous New Mutants Special Edition and X-Men Annual #9, by Chris Claremont and Art Adams, though sadly the colouring abilities at the time did pretty much make a pigs ear of some of it.

The New Mutants are recuperating after the messy unpleasant business of freeing Xian Coy Man/Karma from possession by the Shadow King, and are holidaying on a remote Greek Island.... Warlock (in a human disguise) is fascinated by the concept of water, and Illyana is trying to explain both it, and the concept of swimwear whilst Doug is sunbathing...

I think Dougie boy needs a hug... (at the time I was a lot closer in age to him than I am now, and I'd happily have volunteered)

Dani/Mirage arranges a mock attack on the relaxing teenagers, and since they don't know it's an illusion, they react accordingly... And what happens to Doug?

Yeah, that'll dent your ego, okay his power is VERY low key but even so... (This was, I should add, the first comic I'd bought with Doug in it, and at this point I was wondering what the hell the New Mutants were doing allowing someone with a power like that on the team, it took me less than the length of this story to be convinced what a great character he was)

Anyway, cut a long story short, the kids are hijacked by the Enchantress to Asgard (It's part of a plan of Loki's to use Storm to usurp Thor's position as God of Thunder) and in a last ditch effort to save her team, Magik scatters them across the lands of Asgard. Poor Doug, dumped all by himself in the middle of a bar is challenged to prove his worth in combat, but given that an average Asgardian can lift 25 tons, is swiftly relegated to the life of a drudge, essentially a slave, in a grotty tavern.... Sam ends up in the mines of the dwarves, Amara ends up in the realm of the Dark Elves, Dani meets up with Brightwind and assumes the mantle of a Valkyrie, Warlock ends up meeting Hela (and then hightails it out of Hel), Bobby ends up hanging around with the Warriors Three and so on...

But soon the Enchantress sends armoured minions to gather the New Mutants, using a possessed Magik as their squad leader. The tavern is the nearest place for them to find a mutant, so they arrive and start slaughtering everyone there whilst looking for Doug, who is instantly out of depth and makes a run for it, and who can blame him?

That hug sold me on the two of them, and Warlock going all macho to protect Doug is adorable

Later, after meeting with Xian, the demons find them again, and this time, Warlock has a BETTER idea for protecting Doug, don't shield him, ARMOUR him... And thus the Team Supreme (formerly Doug and Kitty) is reborn as Warlock and Cypher!

Warlock has power, Doug has determination, that makes for a great combination... AND it works!

Later they do the same thing when they finally invade the Enchantress' castle...

Awwwww! (Admit it, at some point during your life, being able to summon up battle armour would have been the COOLEST thing ever!)

The New Mutants defeat the Enchantress, but are still stuck in Asgard whilst Loki's scheme continues. In the process, Warlock, whilst flying around in bird form is shot with a magic arrow by Loki, and when Sam and Dani go out to look for him, Doug insists that he's coming to help because he owes Warlock his life, and that overrides all other concerns... They find him...

Warlock is sensitive to certain... vibrations and instantly knows that Dani is a Gatherer of the dead, and see, no matter how injured he is, no avatar of a death god is coming near his little blond buddy if HE can do anything about it.

Sadly Dani is right, as a few pages later...

And now Doug proves that greater love what no bro for his buddy than he offers to jumpstart him...

How you choose to interpret those last panels is entirely up to you, I was more innocent back then, but re-reading it can perceive how it could be read as being rather more intimate than the Comics code would normally allow.

But is it enough to save Warlock? Well, we find out a couple of pages later when Sam is the one under attack from Loki's creatures....

And not just a technomorphing alien, but an alien technomorphing TV junkie pop culture geek!

It was from this point on, and following their first merge into Douglock (another post, another day), that Warlock, who defined his relationships with everyone in the entire universe as being either "selfriend" or "notselfriend",accorded Doug, and Doug alone the title of "Selfssoulfriendcypherdoug",

Of course, that doesn't mean he was right all the time. In the next couple of pages the X-Men and New Mutants go undercover to sneak closer to Loki, and Warlock offers to disguise Doug... after all, what could go wrong with that?

Ah.... that.

The exact nature of Doug and Warlock's relationship is perhaps a little open to question, can you still "just" be friends after fusing your DNA with each other? But it's fair to say that without that friendship they wouldn't have become as close as they did (or did not) become. (and we shall ignore Louise Simonson's run on the New Mutants for the purposes of this post, though she did write the rather disturbing and touching story after Doug has died where Warlock just can't understand how death works for humans, since it's not the same with Technarchy, and gets REALLY upset about missing his selfsoulfriend)

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I love you very much right now. And I'll keep the scans (I have the story, but no scanner ^^)

Doug and Warlock have, for me, one of the cutest character interactions ever.

How you choose to interpret those last panels is entirely up to you, I was more innocent back then, but re-reading it can perceive how it could be read as being rather more intimate than the Comics code would normally allow.
Well, it was Chris Claremont, so I'd say, without thinking, that it was "more than the Comics code would normally allow" ^^;;
No joking, I really don't know whether I ship then or love them better as friends, but I'm happy some people don't reject the idea outright.

I mean, when I read their parts, I'm all "Warlock sounds like he's got a huge crush on Doug, and it's the sweetest thing ever", then "I should remember romance is not even a concept for their species", then "but Warlock took a lot from Earth culture, after all"... and I really don't know.

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From: [personal profile] flo_nelja
Is it canon they have no concept of friendship ? (I ask because I want to learn, not to disagree with you)
I mean, I'm far from having read everything about Technarchy, but I thought that consuming dead friend's life energy was one of their customs, and that they could have friends...

Date: 2010-08-30 06:37 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] flo_nelja
parents trying to kill children and the like
I had assumed that it was more of an evolutionary thing.
They have no way to recombine their... techno-organic DNA, so they can't have natural selection in our sense ; they just fight between individuals carrying the same DNA to be sure to make the best of it.
In the same context, they have no reason (except, you know, potential personal reasons) to fight against people who are not their clones (or the reverse) because it would be loss of potentialities for the species, not amelioration.

(Well, it's totally fanon. But I always try to interpret the different fictional alien species in ideas which... well, at least biologically make a little sense. It could be a mistake here ^^)


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