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Bought this issue today, so I thought I should post them to show why you need buy this book, no matter who is writing it.

Lets see two hot head metallic military men duke it out about the military forces.

Wow. The Army just got royal dissed... by a guy who wears ram horns. An now, for some Powergirl.

Wait, if Blue Moon is SO powerful, then how come I haven't heard of her since now... or became Lane's Anti-Kyrpt plan. Muh, I like obscure characters. Now back to Magog, with some synergy that makes team-books fun.

Following that, we see... I can't say it, it a bad pun and Wildcat beat me to it,

I like the Dog Pund (that's their name) because they are laughably pathetic. They're like Drago Wolf from Sonic the Hedgehog times 3. I want to know more about these suckers. Anyone got scans of them? Does Anubis have any powers... aside from being a dog-man... who can fly? And Junkyard appeared in Robin, also written by Bill Willingham I believe.

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