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So I had trouble picking between two characters--Menace or Carlie Cooper, both from the Brand New Day of Amazing Spider-Man. With the exception of maybe Mr. Negative, all the new characters have been horrible--from the racist Norah to the psychotic Michelle--but Carlie and Menace have definitely been pushed onto the reader the most.

Menace  I found largely annoying because it was yet another example of a crappy new BND villain and they attempted to try to do another "Goblin mystery" that just fell flat on its face--with the big reveal being Lily Hollister, Harry's new girlfriend.

Of course, then they had to go along and pull this stunt:

That's right. Now she's carrying Norman Osborn's baby. This is so bad I don't know if it's self-parody of Norman being the "Dirty old man with a thing for blondes" trope. 


Of course, then there's Carlie Cooper. She's being set up as the new love interest for Peter Parker (she was already on the cover of the "Spidey's greatest loves" one-shot along with Marty Jane, Gwen and Black Cat). They've gone to great lengths to set her up as the ideal mate for Spidey and how perfect she is for him that it's nauseating.  Just look at this page:

Need any further proof? She's named after Joe Quesada's daughter.

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Motto on the nightmares - so much motto

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This. *shuddertwitch*


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