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Warning: Horrible, horrible skirts.

Currently, Supergirl is a character that I at least tolerate, but when she first began in her Jeph Loeb reboot of the character I absolutely LOATHED HER.

Reason One,
she spent more time beating up her superhero colleagues than actual supervillains.

Supergirl 3

Supergirl 21

Reason Two
When asked to actually perform superheroics she whined about it,
Supergirl 12

Reason Three
While fanservice is something that is something of an unfortunate side-effect of a mostly male orientated comics market, what they attempted to get away with with the 15/16 year old Kara was kind of creepy.

She spends a large portion of her introductary issue of Superman/Batman walking around naked, for example.

And this scene from Supergirl 6, where Kara and Powergirl are posing as the Kryptonian folkheroes, Flamebird and Nightwing, to fight a dictator posing as "Kal-El" who has occupied the city of Kandor,

That example couples with her being both aggressively violent to other superheroes, this case Power Girl, as well as her reluctance to do her job.

In the storyline 'Candor', Kara also attempts to murder a guy by throwing him hundreds of feet into the air to let him drop, leaves Power Girl to get tortured by Saturn Queen (an evil version of the Legion's Saturn Girl,) and in the end sells the city of Kandor to Ultraman and Saturn Queen in exchange for a machine that cures all ills and the possible location of Kara's parents.

This is how she deals with Karen, who naturally isn't happy with this,
Supergirl 9

The machine she sells to Bruce Wayne in exchange for a ton of cash that she buys an apartment with, and the fact she strongarmed Karen into abandoning Kandor to a fascist regime, remained a sore point between the two characters for some time.

It did seem something of an odd point that just as Cassandra Cain was being phased out and being rebuilt as a melodramatic supervillain for no reason, they had Kara around the place, being thoroughly unlikeable and going through her supercolleagues like a combine harvester through a wheatfield.

Needless to say, having such a selfish, boring character that was mentored by the Big Three, was stronger than Superman (until it was retconned) and was able to beat up any superhero she liked but STILL had them lining up to be her friends, what happened when she went up against Cass Cain when she had a case of the Evils.

Supergirl 14

Here EvulCass was hired by the Donna Troy villainess Dark Angel (who was in turn hired by one of the Monitors of the Multiverse) as a test of Kara's character.

Oddly, for EvilCass, her plan for taking down Kara is actually kind of clever. Where she first sends loads of assassins after Kara and her (creepy, stalkerish) boyfriend Power-Boy to test their weaknesses and to draw Kara directly to her.

She even kidnaps and tortures the guy who Kara is stringing along with the promise of a possible relationship, Captain Boomerang Jr, as bait, but Kara being Kara she doesn't even notice that he's missing.

Kara instead just breaks into the Batcave to look up Bruce's files on Cass. Because, why actually put effort into looking for your archfoe when you can use other people's stuff without their permission?

And WOW, that's not a flattering picture of Cass is it?

Kara goes after Cass, and since even drugged up evil Cass is a better character than Supergirl at this point, she gets her ass kicked.

And it's AWESOME.

First, Kara sees Cass' heat signature inside her lead-lined bunker and promptly smashes through the wall to beat her up, because, honestly, what could a girl who kicks and punches really good do against someone who can beat up most of the Justice League?

Note: the heat signature was coming from a dummy filled with diamond dust, which, even though it was a fake, still broke in half when she crashed into it. Leading to questions as to what would have happened to Cass if she'd been standing in that position...

Cass has the upper hand all the way through the fight, and it's honestly the best thing to come out of the whole "Cass is evil because of "bad blood", no wait it was because of drugs and her dad messing with her head as she went through withdrawal" incident.

Naturally, the only way Kara can win this is by cheating with a superpower that never appeared before this issue. Although to be fair, EvilCass probably shouldn't have been attempting to dryhump Kara whilst trying to chop her head off,

Anyways, shortly after this Kara's character took a whole new direction, and actually became a lot more likeable, more heroic and generally less annoying. So Cass' misery helped out Kara as well to an extent.

Except for the time she brought down Airforce One with Wonder Girl in Amazons Attack.

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From: [personal profile] jlbarnett
She probably figures the Symbol belonged to her first though. I believe at the time it was still the El family crest.


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