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Some are born great, some achieve greatness

From Star Spangled Comics #69

I think this actually has two moments of breathtaking crackiness!

Here's the first; Gotham City, home of a slightly skewed view of historical events...

Now Lord knows I LIKE the kid in the pixie boots, but there is no way in heaven I would equate him with the steamboat guy or Columbus. maybe Marconi... but only if Marconi looked REALLY good in feathered briefs...

Anyway, since we're not looking at the story here, but the crack, we cut to the finale, where a couple of bag guys have stolen an atom bomb and are flying it... by blimp, out to sea where they plan on holding it for ransom... either the USA pays up, or they sell it to "a Fascist Government" (This is 1947)... Robin confronts the brains, and bulk, of the operation...

Yes..."Robin, the Boy Wonder, youngest person to ever cause a friggin ATOM BOMB to explode just off the shore of North Americas Eastern seaboard, and somehow manage to escape the force of the blast by blimp!"

Oh, and as for "Robin Island"... obviously a REAL des res... home to irradiated haddock and the occasional mutant limpet... but on the plus side, you wouldn't need to worry about an electricity bill at night because it sodding well glows in the dark!


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