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Fantastic Force #1 Spoilers and Such

A sequel to the recent Death of the Invisible Woman arc (which led to the death of the future New Defenders Invisible Woman) showed an Earth 500 years from now dying off and this group are the last heroes alive from that timeline.

Here's a recap page for those who can't fathom what I mean. XP

Now, a look at the team.

Lightwave the glowy yellow guy apparently controls waves and light and is from Zenn-La.

His daughter Psionics is a powerful telekinetic.

Banner Jr. is a descendant of Hulk and the step son of the Hooded Man. Ironically unlike Hulk he's intelligent and in complete control of his power and always thinking more than being a brawler. In a funny twist the Hooded man is trying to teach Jr. to think more with his instincts instead of his head but Jr.'s pretty resistant to that way of thinking.

The Hooded Man a future Wolverine and if I've heard it right in interviews is the future version of the Old Man ogan Wolverine currently being published.

Alex Ultron is a heroic descendant of Ultron whose girlfriend is...

Natalie X, the future's most powerful telepath, who loves Alex particularly since she can't read his robotic mind. Also, she seriously reminds me of Tomorrow Woman which I find awesome but also a little, eh.

We get a bunch of cool fight scenes but I'll fast forward to the New Defenders deciding to choose a new name for themselves.

And Fantastic Force is born!

And then a bit more fighting and a hint at who Bruce Jr.'s mother is. Some sorta green gryphin lady.

I whole heartedly recommend trying the first issue out. A lot of fun stuff happens in it.

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