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George Perez. Oh yeah.

As proof, I offer 6 pages from issue 1 of the New Teen Titans baxter-paper run, penciled and inked by the man himself. Warning to all y'all haters, these scans are Raven-centric, and there's a bigass double-page spread.

During a training session, Jericho has possessed Raven, freaking both of them out. There is fallout. How do you solve a problem like Our Raven?

Joey decides to zap into Raven's body while she's sleeping.

I love the linework, and the contrasts.

Date: 2010-08-29 01:57 pm (UTC)
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If memory serves, that actually started out as *unintentional* evolution of her design in Perez's art; once Marv Wolfman pointed it out to him, however, the two of them decided to continue it as a plot point, thus taking advantage of the natural changes in Perez's work over two or three years.


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