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Out of Hell

Four scans apiece from Shadowland #3 and Wolverine #1.

Last issue, Kingpin sent Ghost Rider (now having to do his bidding) to bust out the prisoners from Shadowland, which turned Daredevil against the other heroes.

Nice follow-up to the Hand picking Murdock over him.

The heroes fight the Hand; they do okay against the mooks, but Matt is definitely pumped up from past encounters, and singlehandedly defeats both Iron Fist and Shang Chi in hand-to-hand combat.  The heroes escape with a little help from the Punisher, and regroup.  Danny and Shang are both alarmed by their loss, saying Matt shouldn't have been able to beat either of them, let alone both.

"The Beast of the Hand", who seeks the destruction of humanity.

Over in Wolverine, Wolverine's soul has been sent to Hell somehow, and his body is wandering around possessed by some kind of demon.

Elsewhere, Logan's girlfriend Melita (we haven't seen her for a bit) is at work at the newspaper, when a bunch of villains who look like BDSM Pride Parade rejects show up:

Pick a side, woman, seriously.

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I choose to believe part of it is flesh-colored. It makes my brain hurt less.