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Oliver Queen's Bucket List

Have you ever contemplated what you would do if you were diagnosed with lethal radiation poisoning?

Here's a look at how Green Arrow answered that question, in "The World's Three Most Dangerous Arrows", reprinted in The Brave and the Bold #113, originally appearing in Adventure Comics in 1956. 2 2/3rds pages of eight.

We open with Oliver Queen and Roy Harper taking off their shirts (no nipples) to participate in the annual community x-ray drive. As they do so, Ollie smacks his watch against a cupboard handle, breaking the crystal. He decides to get it fixed later.

That night, Green Arrow and Speedy are called in by the Arrowsignal to capture jewel thieves who've hijacked a truck. When they attempt to board the vehicle, the driver slams on the brakes, sending GA hurtling to the ground.

Fortunately, 50s era Green Arrow was less heterosexual than Batman, so there's no women to worry about telling. Instead, GA goes to a safe in the Arrowcave, one labeled ""DANGER! Never remove the contents of this safe! Green Arrow." Which brings up the question of who this sign is meant to warn, but whatever. Inside are the Electronic Arrow, which will electrocute the archer, the Satellite Arrow, which will kill the one who fires it with a jetstream, and the Super-Boomerang Arrow, which doubles in speed as it returns to the place it was fired from, making it nearly impossible to dodge. Since he's dying anyway, GA thinks this is a good time to try out these dangerous missiles.

Oh wait, a radio message comes in--there's been a mistake, and Green Arrow's x-rays have been mixed up with another person. GA is pleased to learn that he won't have to follow through on the tests...

Sadly, the skycar turns out not to be Plastic Man in disguise.

Green Arrow and Speedy show up, and GA prepares to use the Electronic Arrow. He uses his feet to launch it, and his insulated boots prevent injury from the discharge. It causes an EMP, making the skycar grind to a halt. The crooks are forced to flee empty-handed.

But GA isn't satisfied with that, he wants the criminals in custody before he dies. So he rigs up a "remote-control" firing setup for the Satellite Arrow, staying well out of its jetstream. It contains a small TV camera, with a miniature receiver controlled by Speedy. The crooks have split up, paired around the corner, and then in the next street. Green Arrow can hit both groups with the Super-Boomerang Arrow, but what about its fatal drawback? He fires, and the arrow disarms the first pair of robbers...

What a twist!

Your thoughts and comments?

Suggested tags

char: Green Arrow/Oliver Queen
char: Speedy/Roy Harper
creator: George Papp
era: Silver Age
publisher: DC Comics
title: The Brave and the Bold

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