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You may remember that in addition to adding a gay cast member, Archie Comics had a publicity stunt where they finally allowed Archie to choose between Veronica and Betty, and followed the two separate paths for three issues each.

Evidently, it did well for them, since there's now a new newsstand magazine called "Life With Archie" which continues the stories of the Andrews, both versions. Technically, these are interquels, between the second and third issues of the original storylines. Four pages from #1, where conflict is introduced by means of a villain....

First up, the timeline where Archie married Veronica. (Since this is a soap opera strip, I'm going to elide most of the subplots. Those of you who want to see what happened to your favorite minor character will just have to buy the magazine.) Archie has been given an executive position at Lodge Industries. But Mr. Lodge mitigates the possible damage by appointing Veronica as Archie's supervisor, directly below himself.

There's an amusing interlude where Betty reveals her post-Archie dating history: "Henry Aldrich, Andy Hardy, Richie Cunningham, Zach Morris, Troy Bolton..."

Midge and Moose break up over his anger issues. He gets help, and meets someone new.

Meanwhile, two Lodge-owned franchises have opened next to Pop's Choklit Shop--between them they offer the same food, but in a slicker, nationally-supported format. And they're using price undercutting to squeeze the Choklit Shop.

He instructs Archie to make sure Pop Tate sells by next week. Mr. Lodge is also planning to secretly buy the Yellow Woods and Memory Lane and demolish them for expensive condos and a new mall--he decides to keep Archie and Veronica out of the loop on that.

Archie plays golf with Ethel's new fiance, financier Fred Mirth. Mirth reveals what a callous ass he is by claiming that the only "green" that matters is money. The rest of the foursome looks at each other uncomfortably.

At the reunion of the Archie gang at Pop's, Archie reveals Mr. Lodge's offer to Pop and Jughead (who is saving up to take over the restaurant himself.) The exact figure isn't mentioned, but it's implied that it's not enough for Pop Tate to retire on--he'll need to take on a menial position at one of the franchise joints to make ends meet.

Everyone starts fighting over the fate of the restaurant, and Fred Mirth lets slip the entire Lodge Industries plan "and meanwhile you local yokels cry over a sad old man and his sad old shop...that looks like it's outta 1941. It needs to go." Ethel returns his engagement ring at baseball speed. Archie can't go directly against his father-in-law, but clearly this situation is intolerable. If only there were someone who could step up to the plate, someone like...

Didn't see that one coming, didja?

And now, over to Betty-World.

Archie and Betty have moved to New York City, where Betty has a job at Sack's 6th Avenue, and Archie is pursuing his musical career. They have quirky neighbors, and the creative energy is strong with them.

Sadly, although Archie acquires an agent, he seems stuck in low-paying opener gigs at dinky locations. Meanwhile, the poor economy has hit even Sack's, so Betty takes a nasty pay cut. Archie is told his next booking is "special," and Betty promises she'll be there. But at the last possible moment, Betty's manager sticks her with an emergency project and she can't get hold of Archie to tell him.

The club Archie is playing is sold out, but the place is empty. It turns out one customer bought all the tickets, a mysterious figure sitting in the shadows. Well, a gig is a gig, so Archie is going to play his heart out--"I did not pay to hear you sing." The mysterious figure wants Archie to listen, instead. It is, of course, Mr. Lodge. It seems Veronica is not doing well in her new responsibilites at Lodge Industries. It would appear she's distracted, that she needs Archie.

Discouraged, Archie wanders through the rain, until a chance encounter rekindles some of his hope. He returns to his apartment, where an exhausted Betty awaits, their spirits much improved. But there is a mysterious figure observing their window....

Your thoughts and comments?

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creator: Andrew Pepoy
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I guess I was, because I only knew him as a producer. Whoops. =P


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