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Superman: Last Son of Earth was an Elseworlds written by Steve Gerber. When a cataclysmic asteroid heads for Earth, Jonathan and Martha Kent rocket their biological son Clark away from the planet. The lone infant reaches the planet Krypton, where his ship's landing is discovered by the aliens Jor-El and Lara.

The ship's only supposed to stay in orbit for three weeks, waiting out the tides and quakes the asteroid would cause, then return to Earth. At that point, what survivors there are on the planet could find and take care of the child.

However, the "asteroid" turns out to be some sort of warp anomaly, and its wake creates a wormhole. The ship passes through it, into Kryptonian space. Its crash causes a quake, which Jor-El goes to investigate.

Young Kal-El:

I wish the artist hadn't drawn Kal-El so similar to non-Elseworlds versions, down to the spitcurl. It makes it hard to remember that he's in fact not Jor-El and Lara's biological son, and that he's human.

He uses the ring to deal with the problem of Krypton's imminent explosion.

All these pages are from issue 1, which was 48 pages, so this post should be within page limits.
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