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An urban poet, that's what he is.

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Sweet Christmas!
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You tell them Luke!
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I recall Chris Sims identifed this as the second-greatest Luke Cage moment of all time (#1 being, of course, "Where's my money, honey?").

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Our household has that as a motto.
I go to my .little sister and say, "Where's my money-"
and she says "Honey!"

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nothing ever beats Luke Cage beating up Dr. Doom.


Although Vision in a nun costume runs a close second.

Beta Ray Bill's massive afro runs a third.
perletwo: plas goes huh? (plastic man - huh?)

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Vision ... in a nun costume .... ?
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Avengers Children's Crusade #2.

Only a week old though.
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Would have been even better if he had said that to them out loud.
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Is this the same issue where one of the Kun-Lunians says "Daniel's friend speaks in riddles"?
perletwo: wolverine made a funny (logan rofl)

DUDE. How could I not?

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The power of Cage compels me!

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Re: DUDE. How could I not?

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SWEET. taking!!
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I want Luke to wear the Tiara again.
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Man walks down the street in a rebar tiara like that, folks will know he's not afraid of anything. *nods*