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I have a feeling we're going to get a lot of Timmverse.

And why not? It's nostalgic, and a lot of people I've talked to said it's what got them into comics in the first place. Myself included.

When I was a wee little lass, I was obsessed with Batman: The Animated Series (my choice for the day). Batman was the coolest, Robin and Batgirl even more so. ...This also made me terrified of Mr. Freeze. :|

RUNNERS UP (Aka, tied with this, really):
Batman Beyond
Justice League Unlimited
SUperman the Animated Series

*SPECIAL NOTE* I want to mention the 90's X-men show, too. I don't care how bad people say it was, I LOVED IT.

Here, have a scan for legality:


Date: 2010-09-09 03:41 pm (UTC)
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Another for Dini/Timm verse - the DCAU rules! Also in animation - The Incredibles (2004), Batman: Brave and the Bold (2008), Spider-Man (1994), X-Men (1992), and X-Men: Evolution (2000).

2. Live Action movies - favorites: Spider-Man 1-3, Iron Man 1-2, Superman 1-2, X-Men 1-3, Fantastic Four 1-2, Batman and Batman Returns.
3. Live Action television - favorites: The Flash (1990), Wonder Woman (1975)
4. (Comics) - favorites: DC, Marvel.
5. Video Games - favorites: Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu, Spider-Man 2
6. Books - favorites: Last Son of Krypton, Miracle Monday. Currently reading Batman: No Man's Land (meh)


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