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Amazing Spider Man #641


Sooo...basically, Dr.Strange (with the help of Reed Richards and Tony Stark) comes up with this way of making the entire world forget that Spider-Man is Peter Parker. I don't know exactly what that way is, besides...well, it's magic, we don't have to explain it!

Anyway, Strange makes this magic bubble for Peter to get into--it will shield him from the magic, so that he will remember his mistakes and learn from them. Against Strange's orders, Peter takes MJ with him so that she, too, will remember who Peter is.

She isn't too happy about that when she finds out.

And before you ask...yes, Joey just copied the art from One More Day and replaced the word bubbles.

Peter and MJ break up.

So, back in present time, Mary Jane and Peter are talking with each other about where they stand.

Who could that special person be for Peter, you ask? Surely it couldn't be...Carlie Cooper, the perfect mate for Peter, who just so happens to be named after Joe Quesada's daughter?

Well, in the next issue...

OMG, you guys! Even Mary Jane likes Carlie Cooper and thinks she's ideal for Peter! And she understands Peter so much! Isn't she JUST GREAT?

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But why couldn't she have just stopped Beast from taking the kick?