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Just about everyone's choosing the Timmverse/DCAU, which is hardly surprising given it's seriously high quality stuff. So I guess it falls to me to broaden everyone's horizons.

So my choice?

Wakfu: The Animated Series

A spinoff from a French MMORPG (the sequel to the popular Dofus) currently in development, the series which runs on the France 3 station, basically follows the adventures of a young boy with the ability to create portals for various purposes and a destiny somehow intertwined with dragons and time mages. He's accompanied by a rather motley, but heroic and often hilarious group on his quest, all animated superbly.

Here's the "crossover" trailer that highlights both the series and the upcoming game.

And it wouldn't be scans_daily without a scan, so here's one for legality, from Dofus magazine. Featuring, near as I can tell, a Sram (assassin), Iop (warrior) and I'm not sure what the girl is, possibly an Eniripsa (healer, read it backwards).


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