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30 Days of Scans Day 28 - Favorite Canonical Romance



Heh. Just kidding.

Really though, I have to pick Ultimate Spider-Man and Kitty Pryde. As a fan of Kitty, I thought the idea of them being together was really great. It was also an interesting concept that hadn't been explored yet and had room for a lot of story potential. Unfortunately, their relationship lasted for maybe two arcs before Pete got back with MJ. That being said, Bendis still kept Kitty as a significant supporting character in the title and had her transfer from Xavier's school to Midtown High. And who knows...if Bendis hadn't taken an interest in her, what would have Jeph Loeb done? *shudders*

Disclaimer: This is eight pages from the first Ultimate Spider-Man Annual. It was double-sized.

Basically at this point Spidey and Kitty were single. The two had met before (when Spidey encountered the X-Men) and Kitty had developed a crush on him. The bulk of the annual revolved around an awkward first date but at the end...

If you're interested to see where Kitty's now, check out the past entries for Ultimate Comics Spider-Man.

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I really really wish Peter and Kitty stayed together. They were so cool. I mean, Mj was cool and all but god damn did I not need the angst bullshit.

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Motto. Especially since the Ultimate universe is supposed to be fresh start for creators to do things that haven't been done in the mainstream books.

Plus Kitty should always be with a Peter.