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This is an extension of the Identity Crisis conversation that is sort of derailing the discussion of costume choices and Robin asses in a post below this.

Essentially, this is a general hate thread. It can be an event, character, moment, retcon, or other annoyance that makes you annoyed or want to smack a passerby.

Let's get it started (on a saturday night, everybody's waitin for me to arrive-)

"Hi I'm Superboy Prime. I could have been an interesting character. I could have represented the eventual death and decay of a more innocent time and become a very powerful and interesting villain. But motherfucker I do not roll that way. I like to spend my days being a whiny prick who spouts off dialogue that you'd find in a Naruto/Harry Potter fanfic. I like long walks on the beach, being a dickbag, and annoying every single reader by being ultra powerful AND astonishingly badly written. Oh, and I'm also in your dimension! I live in my basement trolling comics forums. Hell yeah bitches, I'm so. fucking. Bad. Ass."

Let's just get it out of the way. One More Day and Brand New Day were bad ideas. Very bad ideas. They have turned out waves of people who hate Spider-Man and everything associated with him. They were badly written, badly thought out and are just generally the worst thing to happen to Spider-Man since Joe Quesada realized he hated that dang MJ lady.

Also Identity Crisis isn't that bad.

Date: 2010-09-13 10:41 am (UTC)
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It doesn't exactly piss me off, but just because it was the first comic storyline I read that I really didn't like, I'll throw in Bruce Wayne: Fugitive. I just...didn't like it.

Another thing that annoys/disappoints me is the general treatment of Inertia after Mercury Falling. It disappoints me, mostly, because he had the potential to be such an interesting character and then he just...wasn't. I'm actually surprised DC ignored all the angst potential there, since they seem to think angst=instant character development (another thing that annoys me.)


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