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30 Days of Scans: my Non-Canon OTP

I love love love pre-megalomadman, Superbuddies-era Max Lord and Sue Dibny together. Let me show you why!

Here is Sue being awesome and running rings around Max in Formerly Known As the Justice League 3.

JLA Classified 4, or I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League 1 if you prefer, is mega-Max/Sue material. The issue opens with Max and L-Ron entering the office, and Max being frustrated by his inability to get Sue to respond to his greetings. Sue apparently perceives this the way Charlie Brown hears his parents' voices; L-Ron enlightens her, but Max refuses to be mollified by her belated return greeting. Which sets us up for the snit Max is still in when Sue tells him she's just met the new neighbor.

Through a Wacky Misunderstanding - involving Booster and Beetle, natch - Ralph becomes convinced - well, you'll see.

Look at that reaction from Max, just look at it! Is he a dog in the manger or what?

So there you have it, my never-gonna-happen fantasy OTP. Then DC hadda go ruin everything by making Max all Evil!Psycho!Villain!, and we won't even discuss what they did to Sue *shudder* But ah well, we'll always have Superbuddies!
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Actually I like Max/Sue too they were so fun together :(
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Oh and one of my favorite quotes/panels whatever is the "Mister Terrific" "Yes?" "Not You!" I lol'd