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The art of video game covers

Kids, back when we old timers were your age and Pacman was all we could think about, there were great up video game covers created by talented artists. MightyGodViking has reached back, taken that great art, and done his own thing. I honestly was going to ramble on, but I have no words to describe how awesome this stuff is. The language fail! 's me.

Now while I LOVE BlackCat with all my heart, MightyGodViking's work with Photoshop makes me cry and ROTLF.
I found these at Mighty God Viking's blog.

There are some GEMS in here SO WORTHY of being part of scans_daily, even though they are not comic book related.
Follow the link above and bring extra underwear. You will p@@ your pants laughing.

For legality, the actual Superman video game cover from the games mentioned. Before MightyGodViking got his hands on it.

I am still crying from laughter.
Big pics, not kind for modem users.

Just focusing on that crotch shot, huh?

This is an example of Words fail! me.

I know every single scans_daily member is into pixel bondage.

Best. Game. Ever.

and the piece de resistance...

*edit* So I am not hearing the chuckles. Read the modified wording to get the joke.
(Mr. J was right).

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What TOTALLY AWESOME kid dressed up like a suicide terrorist? I hope that he grows up to be our future overlord.

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Um, was that meant to be a reply to me? :p

I've got no idea where I got that picture.