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It's no secret that I'm not a fan of the current art team on BoP so I was really happy when I saw there's going to be a new main artist for the title. Starting December, Adrian Syaf takes over art duties and the result seems much more to my taste than Benes and co.

From The Source.

Date: 2010-09-21 12:28 am (UTC)
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" know, upon further thought, maybe going down this shortcut in Murder Rape Alley was not an ideal way to get to Baskin Robbins. Also I'm seriously late for the new episode of Jersey Shore. Overall this day ranks about a 7 on Barb's OfficeMax suck meter. Hey, Pray for my Inside Heart is coming to town? Hell yeah"

"Sweet a darkened alley. This can only lead to good things. Jesus why am I doing this. Oh that's right, because Ollie pissed off Dinah and I need to get the god damn ice cream to calm her down while he gets flowers. I'm so glad I'm friends with some douchebag who lives in a romantic comedy. Maybe I'll be lucky and end up fucking Jonah Hill of something. This is worse than the time Bruce went to Disney World."

~flash cut to the park being overrun by OMACs, Clark has his face in his hands while he stands next to Bruce~

"In my defense, Mickey was acting like a real prick."

"Bruce we really need to have a discussion of proper use of your spy satellite. We're having a house meeting. Oh and you are coming, Hal's still pissed you ate the peanut butter with your hand out of the jar."

THIS IS THE STORY (Clark) Of five people (Hal) picked to live in a satellite (Dinah) and who agreed to have their lives taped. (Ollie) To show what happens when heroes stop being nice (Bruce) My parent's are dead. (Clark) God fucking dammit Bruce. The Real World: JLA.

"Hey kids. Uh....nice outfits. I liked Revenge of the Living Dead too. So could you guys point me in the direction of the nears ice cream shop? I need ice cream to solve a very stupid problem with very stupid people in this very stupid city. Hopefully a way that takes me there where I won't get jumped."

"You think that's a chair? ~whips out knife~ THIS is a chair!"

Date: 2010-09-21 04:54 am (UTC)
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"...No, it's not."

Date: 2010-09-21 07:47 am (UTC)
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I love you so much.


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