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Loki, thy name is Dickery.

Greetings True Believers!

This post is about one of my favorite moments of Loki-Dickery. The fire-demon Surtur prepares to lay waste to Asgard and all creation. So All-Father Odin calls for all Asgardians, good and evil, to fight against him. He calls Balder the Brave from his self-imposed exile act as a ambassador to Loki. But dealing with Loki is never a simple deal.....

Enjoy and remember Walt Simonson is but a mortal aspect of the All-Father.

Balder is given a scroll from Odin and after a perilous journey arrives at Loki's castle but is seized by trolls. (Balder has taken an oath of non-violence after surviving Hel. He left Asgard and accepted sanctuary in Norn-realm. Balder is a depressive eater and let himself go.)

Balder is brought before Loki and his guest, Malekith lord of the Dark Elves. Loki isn't interested in Odin's message and Malekith mocks Balder.

Balder confronts Loki.

Balder grabs his horse and rides screaming into the desert, he has broke his oaths and seeks to die alone in the wastelands.

This page is one of my favorite Loki moments.

Oh Loki, you scamp.
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There is no greater joy than being VOLSTAGG!