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When Terry Met Wade.

Greetings True Believers! By now we have heard that Wade's beloved Bea Arthur has passed and now resides in Valhalla. (Odin's a huuuuge Maude fan) So in the spirit of Deadpool week and the passing of one of Wade's lifelong loves, I thought I present the story of when DP met another love. Theresa Rourke Cassidy aka Siryn. This is a heavy post from the Deadpool mini-series, "Sins of the Past." Yes, technically they met in an early issue of X-Force. DP snuck into X-Force's base and knocked her out. But that was when Deadpool met Siryn. This is the story of Terry and Wade meeting. Scans-heavy and enjoy!

(Madrox? Blahhh, W/T! Their love is so unbalanced and canon.)

So the main plot of this mini is that Black Tom Cassidy (X-villain, Terry's uncle and the man who raised her. Banshee's cousin.) is dying because of his mutant powers. His best pal Juggernaut busts him out. (Along with Dr. Killebrew. The doctor taking care of him and the man who made DP the merc he is today.) The good doctor informs BT that the healing factor of a certain merc could cure him. Tom's soldiers catch up to Wade while he's in a bar angsting out and scaring the normals. They attack and are gaining the upper hand when when a pair of Irish mutants swoop in....

"Annnddd they callled it puppy lovvvveee."

Banshee goes off to hunt for Tom's men and Terry and Wade start the superhuman courtship ritual way: with snark.

Oh noes! Give the man a hand! Nuk-Nuk. The next issue opens with a flashback explaining how Sean owes DP. Basically Wade saved his life during his Interpol days. In the now, Sean is talking to Agent Peyer. Another Interpol agent with a serious grudge against the merc. He plans to settle his own score. We move back to W/T who have escaped to their "love"nest after Wade passes out from blood lost.

BT finds out that Terry's with DP, he send his men in with instructions to capture her unharmed. Deadpool? Not so much.

The fight continues but guess who shows up?

W and T then run into Agent Peyer and his men. AP is determined to have his (unsanctioned) revenge against DP.

Juggs does his "Hey Kool-Aid!" impression and scares off AP and his team. Juggernaut then catches up to our duo.

I love that moment. Terry can be made of badass when she wants to be.

Wade and Terry fly off with DP struggling all the way. Wade is pissed because he didn't know Siryn and BT were family.
Meanwhile one of BT's flunkies brings back Wade's severed hand. Dr. Killebrew will use it in a attempt to cure BT. And Sean realizes that AP double-crossed him to get to DP.

Meanwhile our titlecrossed lovers talk on a rooftop.

Peyers shows up and Wade shows that he's tough (or that he has forgotten which button dodges.)

Wade KO's Peyer. Now this scan is why I've called the post "When Terry met Wade."

For me, that is the moment W/T became OTP.

Now they go assault BT's castle of evil.

Fight scene, DP runs into the good doctor and Sean and Terry get ambushed by BT.

Boss fight! BT has attached DP's hand to his arm.

I love Wade's double-jump over the bio-blast.

Wade tricks Agent Peyer one final time.

Deadpool and Juggs start fighting.
Wade loses his mask and freaks. He goes after it and Terry catches it. Big moment, Terry sees Wade's face for the first time.

Ok, serious for a moment. Imagine you're Deadpool. You're deformed, alone, been betrayed all your life, crazy as a loon. How much would that one moment/act of kindness mean to you?

Fight ensues. Deadpool has beaten Black Tom. Moment of Moral truth time.

Wade passes! He doesn't kill Black Tom.

Juggs busts in and threatens everyone.

Dr. Killebrew stablizes BT and Juggernaut swears to break him out once he's better. Then, wait a minute!?! Where's Terry/Wade/Killebrew?

So Wade skips off with the Doc. W/T remain one of my favorite pairings. Also one of my top 25 Marvel "wish it had happened this way..." They worked so well together. Ahhh, what might of been. But they did have a long and interesting (almost)relationship. I was really disappointed that DP never showed up in X-Factor. Why has Marvel forgotten this couple?

Re-Edited by the command of the Mods!

I hope everyone will enjoy!

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